Facts and Prices of Air Jordan x Dior Shoes that Sneaker Lovers Want

After being delayed for a while due to the Corona pandemic, the sneaker, a collaboration between the Dior fashion house and Nike Air Jordan, has finally been launched. The Air Jordan Dior, made by two well-known production houses, has been eagerly awaited since it was shown at the Dior pre-fall 2020 Show in Miami.

These shoes managed to attract a lot of attention, especially from sneaker lovers. Well, for those of you who are also sneaker lovers and are interested in these limited-sold Air Jordan Dior shoes, here are some interesting facts you need to know.

  1. Shoe Type Sepatu Branded

The Air Jordan Dior shoes as a result of this collaboration are available in 2 types, namely the high-top type and the low-top type. Both types of shoes are produced in limited quantities and can be obtained after going through a special registration.

On the registration form, consumers who want to buy can choose the desired type, foot size, and location of the shoe pick-up later. If you are selected, you will receive a notification via email or QR code which will be matched with your personal data when you pick up the Air Jordan Dior.

  1. Shoe Prices

For those of you who are interested in these Dior and Nike Air Jordan shoes, it seems that you have to save up first. This is because the prices of both shoes are fantastic.

The two shoes presented have different prices, depending on which type you want to buy. For the high top type, these shoes are sold at a price of 2,200 dollars, or about 31.4 million. As for the low-top type, the price is 2000 dollars or if it is translated it is around 28.5 million.

  1. Shoe Design Sepatu Olahraga

The sneaker that is hunted by many sneaker lovers is dominated by white and gray. As for the shoe design, this sneaker is made by including the iconic Nike logo and basketball that can be found on several parts of the sneaker. There is also the Dior brand that also appears in collaboration products.

Shopbackers will also find the Dior logo on the bottom of the shoe, along with the transparent Air Jordan.

  1. Shoe Making Material Eklegein Shoes

Air Jordan Dior materials use the best leather from Dior which is then combined with an aesthetic design from Nike. With the collaboration between the two, Air Jordan Dior looks attractive with high detail and quality.

With an attractive design and quality materials used, these collaboration shoes are ready to make your appearance more maximal and memorable.

So, how did ShopBacker get interested in buying the Air Jordan Dior? Well, for those of you who are also sneaker lovers and want to get these beautiful shoes, you can make purchases online. Apart from this Air Jordan Dior, there are also many other Air Jordan series that are also stylish but more pocket-friendly.

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