Trend Sepatu Pantofel Wanita 2020

The end of the year has become a moment when many people will make a new year’s resolution. “New Year, New You Shoes” seems right to be the slogan later this year. Because the rush of new shoe trends will be coming soon, in line with entering a new decade in 2020.

After Fashion Article the season of inspiration trends of the 90s have returned throughout the year, such as low-heeled shoes and shoes, now is the time for you to prepare space for new shoe-style trends in your closet. Starting from the return of present day heels stage shoes combined with classic loafer shoes, and Mary Janes models.

Peek from Runway Spring 2020, the prediction of the biggest shoe trends this year has a pleasant insight, colorful and guaranteed to give a new atmosphere to your closet or shoe rack.

Here are the 7 shoe trends that will dominate the market in 2020, as reported by

  1. Chain Accent Shoes (chain highlights)

Let’s just say you are wearing anklets that are already integrated with your shoes / sandals. The chain on the 2020 trend shoe can be a small chain that is soft but also gives the impression of a strong female articulation. The shape will play on words later will vary, this chain could be a bone accent for shoes, or perfect the shape of sloping boots. This trend will certainly give an unexpected glow to the fashion appearance on your feet.

  1. The new loafer model

The trend of loafers with low heels still persists in 2020, but with a very significant model change. You will not be confused or switched shoes when you’re in a school gathering again, because the trend is over.

Pantofel 2020 trends will be present ranging from thick heels to slingback models, this classic shoe will get big modifications and anyone will look cool wearing it. Don’t forget to match and match the outfit too!

  1. Colorful Boots (brilliant boots)

Knee-high boots are still champions in 2020, but what’s new?

Black boots are no longer popular later in 2020, but fresh new colors will be the target of beautician designs in perfecting the models. You’re not going to be clumsy anymore wearing tall boots with bright colors like shades of yellow, orange, or even blue!

  1. Shoe / Shoe Laces (all tied up)

From espadrilles beach shoe models to frilly shoes will dominate in the spring and summer of 2020. If you want to look intense, you can tie your bone shoes / shoes to the tips of your trousers. You will look very unique and attractive!

Example of using the Tied Up Shoes 2020 trend (source:

  1. Shoes / Sandals Platform Height Height (high as can be stage)

After the season of low-heeled shoes (little cat heels), it’s time for you to get ready for the return of shoes / high stage shoes looming in 2020. From shoes, shoes, to boots, the trend that will dominate the market in 2020 is shoes have thick and tall rights. Get ready soaring tall women!

  1. Minimal design (negligible plan)

Minimalist design on shoe and shoe trends will still be present with new models. Starting from the design of toe-ring shoes from leather, to sloping shoes dominated by black or white, without ornamentation.

  1. The Return of Mary Janes (the Return of Mary Janes)

In addition to being known as a boring shoe model, Mary Janes has always been in a shoe trend that has gotten a back seat to shoe models in recent years.

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